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Why choose us?

We are based in Belgium, the centre of Europe. We know the environment in which large and small companies, public authorities and businesses as well as non profit organizations operate. We understand and appreciate as much efforts that are required to realize once only transactions as those that are performed on a daily business by large, medium or small sized companies to ensure customer relations.

We are used to work in a dynamic environment. Our antecedents warrant our dedication and endurance to stress. For reason of our education and > 20 years experience we are well aware of the pitfalls of the national and international business world and particularly civil and Anglo-Saxon law. We don’t run an expensive office in the centre of the capital. But we do have our business contacts : from Furnes to Bree, from Buenos Aires to Singapore.

Our organization is light and flexible. Our approach is no- nonsense . Consequently our costs our limited and we can apply internationally competitive fees.We are mobile and can travel worldwide. For reason of our language skills (fluent/active: Dutch, English, French; passive: Spanish) we do not as often require assistance from translators.

We operate autonomously. However, we can as easily integrate in a multi disciplinary special purpose project team. We are used to work in co-operation with project developers, architects, engineers, contractors, financiers, credit insurers, financial advisors, solicitors, quantity surveyors, paralegals, account executives, representatives, etc.

We work on a personal intuitu personae basis.

Last but not least, we run a policy of complete integrity. We at Imbrechts & Van den Nest care very highly for such values as discretion, reliability, resolute decision making and objectiveness.